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Not Here!  Not Now!  Not Ever!

For four years we have watched our duly elected president be pummeled by the left, by the main stream media, and by establishment urban elitists. This leftist machine has systematically attempted to dismantle our country and destroy all that our great nation stands for.  We the People have been maligned by this same evil machine as racists, xenophobes, and misogynists. Nothing is further from the truth and the recent election shows an emerging new diverse coalition of over 75 million voters who are sick and tired of the status quo.  We will stand for it no more. 

Our mission is to return our nation to the greatness for which we have been known since our inception over two centuries ago. Our great republic was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1776 by lovers of liberty, freedom, and independence. Ironically, because of corrupt leftist leaders in Pennsylvania and other swing states in this recent election, what was the cradle of our great republic now threatens to become its very grave.  If those on the left have their way the things we cherish the most will be replaced by Marxist Socialism, the most evil and deadly governmental system ever devised.  We, members of the Red Resistance say this:

Not in America! Not Now! Not Ever!

 The Red Resistance Begins Now.



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